Sandylion Stickers

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Sandylion Stickers
Sandylion Stickers

When snow starts to fall, cool winter mist is felt in the air. Now is the time to wear those thick jackets, scarves and mittens and to put on those boots. Christmas is just around the bend. Few more countdowns and you will start to hear those heavenly Christmas carols. Once again you now have to bring out those Christmas decorations. While it is good to go and shop for Christmas decors and gifts, why not try creating them by yourself. Surely something made from the heart will be best appreciated by others and you might even have fun in the process.

So for you to be able to create your own décor and gifts, you need to have some of the important kits just like the real craftsman has. Lets us see, what the things you will need are. So what will your kit contain? Before you decide on that, it would be helpful if you fist have a clear plan of what you want to create for your Christmas ornaments and decoration. You might need materials such as laces, cardboards, colored paper, Christmas lights so on and so forth.

Furthermore, if you plan to create your own personalized gift, you may need more materials. But if you can’t think of a good design for your gift, then maybe you can just create your very own gift box and use it to contain the gift you are going to buy. Another option is that you can also make some Christmas cards and post cards from your Christmas kit. Surely they will love them.

Your Christmas kit should then generally contain the following materials so that you can create your own desired decoration of gift.

First, you need to have your scissors. You will need this kit all throughout your project most especially when cutting all of your materials. Cutters may be used in cutting but scissors are safer and easier to use most especially to beginners.

Next thing you will need is also strong glue. This strong glue will be used in joining the parts of your project. This will help you establish the shapes in the right position you want them to be. Washable glue is best so that when you accidentally spill it, you won’t have a hard time cleaning it.

Third you will need a glitter. This is essential if you plan to create a Christmas present such as cards, post cards or scrap books. This will add glimmer and beauty to your craft.

And finally, the most important material in your kit is colored papers. You can use this in creating various origami designs such as Christmas tree and Sta. Clause. You may use this as gift wrappers. Colored papers are excellent choices also in making greeting cards, invitation cards for Christmas party and postcards. You can create different designs also for your Christmas tree decors.

Now you have an idea of what you Christmas craft kit should contain. But remember this is just for one plan. Different designs or plan will need different kits. Such as when you think of cooking different kit is need. If you want to create mosaic you will need, broken tiles, egg shells, all other kinds of shell and many more. You can think of everything and prepare your personalized kit. Always remember your imagination is the only limit. And anything you created out of your Christmas craft kit, may it be, a décor, a gift or a food it must be something you should be proud of, and surely people around you will love it.

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Where should I buy Sandylion stickers?

Where can I find a reeeeeeeally big set of Sandylion stickers for sale? =D
Also, on the sandylion website, do you know how many sheets/modules of stickers they give you for each purchase? (like how many sheets are in a purchase)
For example,

sometimes Michael’s craft store sells them. I’ve found big sets a scrapbooking stores. I’ve never purchased from the sandylion website so i couldn’t answer that part of your question

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