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Scissor Fob
Scissor Fob

Are you looking for a new hobby to make your leisure time more enjoyable? Cross stitching is easy to learn, can be done most anywhere, and the cross stitch accessories you will need are inexpensive and readily available.

Projects range from quick and easy to intricate and challenging, and can suit any level of ability. The most basic supplies needed are a needle, some floss, and a piece of fabric to work on. The fabric can be blank or may be pre-printed with an image. A hoop will keep the fabric taut while you are stitching, making it easier to work with. The size of the hoop will depend on the size of your project; it should be big enough so that you don’t have to move it too frequently, but small enough to fit the fabric comfortably.

Absolute beginners would do well to purchase a small inexpensive kit that includes everything needed for that particular project. These are available in craft stores, fabric stores, and many department stores. This type of kit will make a small item such as a refrigerator magnet, a holiday ornament, a key fob, or a decorative mason jar cover. The project won’t take too long to finish so you can get immediate satisfaction and get a feel for whether you’d like to work on something bigger.

Your beginner kit will probably instruct you to make your own cross stitch floss holder using a simple piece of cardboard that you wrap the floss around. When you get more involved with your new hobby, you may want to purchase some sort of craft container to hold all your cross stitch accessories.

More advanced kits include larger cross stitch samplers and framable pieces of cross stitch art. A specialty cross stitch shop may be your best bet for finding something special to give as a gift when you are finished.

After a while you may wish to move away from the pre-packaged kits and experiment with designing your own projects. You can choose the colors of floss that look best to you and also choose the size, color, and texture of fabric that you prefer. You may want to purchase special sewing scissors for cutting the floss. There is a huge variety of cross stitch accessories available today, both in stores and online. So enjoy browsing and perhaps you will find a new passion!

Janet McKetchnie enjoys finding unique cross stitch accessories and fun kits to work with. She has been known to weep upon finding really cute projects at bargain prices. You can read more about her discoveries here:

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