Scorpion Charms

11 years ago

Scorpion Charms
Scorpion Charms

Have you ever been given a gift related to your sign?

My little story:

Best gift I ever got was actually from someone I didn’t get along with (ex mother-in-law, another Scorpio) It was a gorgeous 14 carat gold charm bracelet with a little scorpion charm hanging on it! That was many years ago, still the best gift I ever got!
She always joked about why she and I would mix it up, why her son and her got into it, why her son and I argued, then we would take turns teaming up as allies to gang up on the other : “We are all Scorpios!”

The scorpion bracelet was her peace offering in the midst of battle (or a clever manipulation?). I also once knew a Libra lady who got a gift of some *beautiful* silver scales.

So I ask *you* if you have ever been given a special gift from someone relating to your sign? Do tell any cute story behind it.

Thanks in advance and much good energy to you! (:
Rhio..funny one….guess it was better than a real ram ramming you in the butt with sharp horns
To the Cancers: Wow those t-shirts are popular!

I have so many gifts people have given me that relate to my sign, I also have given a lot. I recieved a Cancer tee shirt with a Crab on it that says Cancer: Severe and Sudden Mood Swings May Occur Without Warning. And I have a beautiful Silver Moon Clock that says Cancer in the middle in a beautiful blue. I have given my sister lots of Leo things I have found here and there. I just bought one of my good friends two tee shirts one says, “I am not bossy I just know what you should be doing” and the other says, “I am not bossy I just have better ideas!” I bought her them because she is a Virgo and she is always bossing every one around!

BT beemer 5 kink scorpion neck death

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