Scrapbook Craft

11 years ago

Scrapbook Craft
Scrapbook Craft

Besides scrap booking, what are other crafts I can do with scrapbook paper and embellishments?

I don’t have any photos but I am in desperate need of craft ideas. lol

I have had this same problem! I have used my scrap booking paper to make homemade greeting cards. They are great to have on hand for that forgotten birthday and you can just grab one, sign it and mail it. You can usually find card-sized envelopes at a craft store to mail them in.

Also, the paper and embellishments are great for decorating frames and boxes. You can decoupage the boxes or frames with the paper (just cut or rip the paper into small pieces, glue them on and glaze over it and add embellishments) These can make great gifts,too!

Good luck and happy crafting!

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