Scrapbook Kit

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Scrapbook Kit
Scrapbook Kit

Instead of using the traditional baby book to record your baby’s first tooth, first hair cut and first words, why not do something more creative? Choosing to create the popular baby memory scrapbook is something millions of mothers and parents are choosing instead of the same baby book your parents created for you. Scrapbooking is a very trendy hobby that many men and women have taken under their wing as their new hobby and there is no reason why you should not do the same.

You will find that locating the Scrapbooking materials you need can be found online, TV shopping channels, general retailers and of course specialty craft stores. By checking into each and every one of these consumer options, many times you will find the same materials for less from one location to another. This is a great way to save money and create the scrapbook of your dreams for less. In the past new parents had to spend thousands of dollars to create a baby memory scrapbook because of the popularity of the hobby but today the material prices have dropped to make this an affordable option for everyone.

Saving and preserving the early memories of your baby’s life can take some time but it will be time well invested. There are many different ways to go about creating a baby memory scrapbook and before you begin you may want to consider going through all your options and creating a good plan. Your first and most popular option is to purchase a baby scrapbook kit that comes with everything you need and many times come with great examples of page layouts to get you started. If you cannot find a baby scrapbook kit you like than you will want to collect all the materials yourself.

Remember that you do not need to own each and every scrapbook gadget you see at the craft store because this is how your baby memory album turns from a fun project to a crazy investment that is not going to pay you back. Take your time to consider what you need to create this baby memory book. All that is really necessary for beginners is a good pair of scissors, scrapbook paper, stickers, paper cut outs for bordering and layers, and double-sided tape. After you have purchased these items all you require are your baby’s photos to make your book complete.

Start out simple with a cover page with only one picture and a page layout of your choice. From here you will find your creative juices will begin to flow and your layouts on the following pages will become more unique and customized. Creating a popular baby memory scrapbook can be easy and fun if you know where to find your materials, how to save some money and how to begin your road to creativity! When you look back on this baby memory scrapbook in 10-20years you will never believe that you created these page layouts and how your baby has grown.

Tracy Ballisager is stay at home mum. To read more about baby scrapbooking tips and ideas go to

Buying scrapbook kit for friend – what comes in it/or what am i looking for? ASAP 10PTS!?

Im buying a friend one, but i dont know anything about it, do they come in kits, what is in one, what price, etc

A scrapbook is sort of a photo album which can be decorated in many fun ways. A scrapbook kit comes with different borders for the photos, paper with decorations and patterns, stickers…
Check this site:

Scrapbook Kit #1 – Cute as a Bug!

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