Scrapbook Stickers

11 years ago

Scrapbook Stickers
Scrapbook Stickers

I am making a scrapbook from a 60th birthday party and I it looks like all my pages are the same suggestions?

I have stickers construction paper and all of the pictures from the party Im just not sure what else to do. PLEASE HELP!!
The party has already happened and it was last year and so this year as a gift I want to give her the scrapbook with all the pictures from the party. I am cutting out pictures and putting them together just looking for good ideas for backgrounds or something to do with construction paper to add to it.

1. Google scrapbook sketches. It will give you a lot of layout ideas.
2. Color blocking. Large areas of color, arranged pleasingly as a background.
3. Use better paper. Construction paper degrades and fades very quickly.
4. Invest in a few sheets of patterned paper or a scrapbook page kit. They even have them at walmart now, and a little zip with patterns adds SOOOO much variety. A little goes a long way too, so you really don’t need a lot. ( I did an entire 24 page, 8 1/2 x 11 travel album with one 6 page page kit and solid papers.)
5. Google ‘free scrapbook classes’ for a basics class in page layout and design. It will be time well invested.
6. Have a GOOD time with it. If it becomes a burden, you won’t want to finish it.

scrapbooking stickers

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