Scrapbooking Cardmaking

11 years ago

Scrapbooking Cardmaking
Scrapbooking Cardmaking

Are you wondering why other people are so addicted to scrapbooking? Why not card making and photography? Well, here are some reasons most people are in to scrapbooking.

Scrapbook as a gift

Yes! People are engaging in making scrapbooks because you can actually give a scrapbook as a present to a person who is close to you. Scrapbooking is every flexible as a present, you can actually make a themed scrapbook based on the motif of a certain event. You can also base the theme of your scrapbook to the personality or the character of the person you are planning to give it to.

Scrapbooking for business

Scrapbooking is a trend in present generations. Its supplies are very in demand. You can actually take advantage this high demand on scrapbooking supplies by selling the materials needed in making a scrapbook. There will be a lot of future clients out there.

Personal hobby

If you are just one of those people who love scrapbooking because of the entertainment it gives to you, well you are now a certified hobbyist of scrapbooking. It can help you enhance your creative side and can train you also on how to budget the money you have, it will teach you how to spend money by buying supplies that are vital to the scrapbook you are doing.


Reminiscing things and important event in an individuals life is one of human nature. As a person you are very much aware on what are the best times and the best moments of your life and you are very much willing to share it to the world. That`s the reason why other people are engaging in scrapbooking. Making scrapbooks are best way to cherish memories in a certain event and you can actually make a story behind a certain photo which makes scrapbooking entertaining to make and to read at the same time. It will surely put a smile on your face and to some people it will give them tears of joy.


Mothers are always using scrapbook making to have a bonding moment with their children. As a mum you really want to have some extra time with your children where you can share ideas and stories. Scrapbook making is one of the best activities you can share with your children. So try scrapbook making with the people who are important to you, it will definitely give you a fun experience.

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looking for a similar craft tool like Cricut, lite weight, shown on tv, was $14.95 makes everything easier?

shown on paid programming on tv this morning about 6 eastern standard time. didn’t get a chance to write down information. It cuts fabric for quilting, for scrapbooking,cardmaking,etc.. It was $14.95 and all this extra stuff came with it. light weight, small, it was called something cutter?

Sorry but for 15 bucks it is going to be nothing like the Cricut. I have been in scrapbooking for years. Any kind of die cut machine for this price I would say isn’t going to be worth it.

There is a die cut machine called the Slice. It runs over $100

A Sizzix die cut machine and a Cuttlebug die cut machine are cheaper, but not electronic

Handmade Flower emblishments for scrapbooking or card making

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