Scrapbooking Embellishment

9 years ago

Scrapbooking Embellishment
Scrapbooking Embellishment

Some layouts may look like they come from produced patterned papers – easy and simple for any scrapbook. On the other hand, some scrapbooking layouts are made out of embellishments and patterned papers! In these cases, the layout becomes even more interesting and truly is a result of creativity and imagination. Before you begin, you need a preferred patterned paper, paper embellishments and thin or fabric materials. Make sure that each embellishment will make a good combination with each other and with the patterned paper.

Now, to be sure of the kind of embellished layout you’d like, create your layout by simply overlapping each embellishment over the other until you can get the designed embellished layout you think would look good. Overlap embellishments, but always make sure you leave a significant part of each scrapbooking material peaking so you don’t waste designs. Also be careful not to crowd one part of the layout, mesh everything equally so the layout will look like its patterned paper.

Not all scrapbooking layouts will look good with too many embellishments covering it so to avoid overdoing the embellishments, group many small designs and few big designs for an equal look. Once you’ve achieved the layout look you like, take apart the layout and remember the places and positions each material had come from. Restore the layout for the final look with thin glue. Use a stick or the tip of a pen to spread glue lightly over each material.

Scrapbooking layouts are never done without a picture. Finish your embellished layout with a big photo in the middle. No need to add more embellishments to the already designed layout.

What would you name your retail scrapbook store?

I am looking for a unique creative name that will allow people to know our store is a one-stop shop for the hobby of scrapbooking. We are not a discount store and would like to refrain from using the words – creative, scrapbook, embellishments, memories or moments.

The Scrap Yard
Keeping Time
Crop Till You Drop (creative memories gave up the trademark on that one)
Crop Circles
Keeping Time
The Time Capsule
Remembering You
The Divas Hideaway
Remember the Past
Past Present and Future

Scrapbook Embellishment:Paper towel birds

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