Sea Beach

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Sea Beach
Sea Beach

With rich culture, beautiful scenery and pleasant Mediterranean climate, Cyprus is a wonderful place for holidays and vacations.

If you are considering where to spend your next summer vacation, it is good to know that, according to a recent survey of TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, Ayia Napa resort in Cyprus has been voted the best beach destination in Europe.

In competition with nine other excellent beach destinations throughout Europe, Ayia Napa has been ranked No1. The most beautiful and popular beach of Ayia Napa is Nissi. It is located in a small picturesque bay west of the resort and has some of the finest, cleanest and most beautiful white sand beaches in the region.

Ayia Napa or “Holy Wooded Valley” in English is a small town where the foreign tourists outnumber the local population.

Once a small fishing village, Ayia Napa is now Cyprus’s most famous resort and a world tourist destination. This place may deservedly be called the Cypriot Riviera, as there except for beautiful beaches and exotic nature one will also find a great variety of cafes, restaurants and hotels.

The incredible atmosphere attracts tourists from all over the world, but the resort remains extremely popular among Brits. One of the reasons is that English is like a second mother tongue for the locals.

In addition to British tourists, Ayia Napa is a favorite place for Russians too. What could be more pleasant than enjoying the warm Mediterranean sun and sea, when Russia struggles to keep warm in severe winter conditions.

Today many of the visitors like the resort so much that they choose to rent holiday villa or apartment in Cyprus rather then purchasing a holiday home, but yes some who are moving permanently to the area are searching to find a second home abroad. Who haven’t dreamed of owning a luxurious villa with swimming pool and a garden with palm trees? And all of that combined with a unique Mediterranean style and slightly oriental flavor.

Located in the far eastern end of the southern coast of Cyprus between Larnaca and Famagusta, the resort is in one of the sunniest and hot points of the entire Mediterranean region. Places like Ayia Napa spread the fame of the Mediterranean around the world as one of the place on Earth with the best possible climate. The summer season of Ayia Napa is one of the longest in the world. There are no actual seasons like spring and autumn and after the long, hot and dry summer comes the mild winter which is very short and passes almost unnoticeable. The island enjoys a sunny and warm weather from early March to late November, which means nine months when the weather is perfect for sun bathing and swimming in the sea.

Ayia Napa may not boast great historical and architectural treasures such as Paphos or Nicosia, and yet, as in any other place along the shores of the Mediterranean, here there are a lot of attractions to be seen and great activities to be done.

The biggest architectural landmark and number one cultural attraction in the area is the monastery of Ayia Napa. It dates back to the Venetian era of the island and is known for its beautiful architecture and cloisters, and contrasts greatly with the nearby clubs and bars.

An important tourist attraction in Ayia Napa is the Waterpark which is Europe’s biggest theme water park. The park is built in the style of ancient Greek mythology and offers a great variety of slides.

Thanks to its warm and crystal clear waters the resort provides a myriad of other water activities such as sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving and water skiing. At a very affordable cost, tourists wishing to practice a particular sport can get basic training lessons by professional instructors.

The rich underwater world and coral reefs of the island are of particular interest among scuba diving fans. Divers will be able to see lots of unique and colorful species of fish found only in this part of the Mediterranean.

However, what makes Ayia Napa so popular and a heaven for clubbers are its numerous night clubs where the party never stops. The resort has earned worldwide recognition as one of the places with the most active and thriving nightlife. It has even been recorded in the Guinness World Record Book, as the resort with the most night clubs per capital.

Crystal blue waters, sandy beaches, interesting cuisine, great entertainment. These words do not describe completely Ayia Napa, but give you an idea of what to expect there. To get into the unique atmosphere of this wonderful place, just go to the resort and have an unforgettable vacation full of partying.

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What is the best beach for sea glass in mid Northern California?

I’m in the sacramento area.. and would love to go beachcombing for sea glass. Any suggestions within decent driving distance? Fort bragg would be a great place to go but is a 4 hour drive…… Any other suggestions?
Fort bragg = Glass beach 🙂

Apparently both Seaside and Monterey beaches have been good sources.

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

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