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Sea Glass
Sea Glass

Prom time is here again and you are starting to search for the perfect dress. You’ve looked at the latest trends. You’ve searched the fashion magazines to see what the celebrities are wearing to their prom. You’ve consulted with your friends to see what ideas they have. Yet you are still in a rut. Why not use the prom theme to come up with the perfect dress?

You can use your prom theme to choose the color, cut, style or fabric of your dress. It can also help you choose accessories to complete your prom night look. There is no better way for you and your friends to look good together than to look as though the whole night was planned around you! It’s as though the fact that you were wearing a red dress with heart jewelry made them choose the theme of Love is In the Air where the room is bathed in hearts and different shades of red.

Let’s look at some possible examples of how you can make the prom theme and dress theme work together. Prom themes surrounding Cinderella and the Ball are always a popular theme. So, look for the glass slippers, slide on a tiara and wear a princess dress with a big skirt. We wouldn’t recommend dressing as the wicked stepsisters though.

Hollywood and the red carpet are hot themes right now. Don’t just look good, look like a movie star by recreating a hot celebrity look. Better yet, go vintage Hollywood. Hello Marilyn Monroe or Mae West. The paparazzi will be ready to take your picture and put you in the latest gossip column.

Music themes can be trickier, but think about what kind of mood they evoke. What colors are they using with the music them? Coordinate your dress with those colors. You don’t want to appear to clash with the room. For instance, you wouldn’t want to wear a purple dress if the prom theme colors are orange.

Your accessories can tie you to the theme as well. If the theme is “Night Under the Stars” wear a black dress and star earrings or a yellow broach to simulate the stars. If the theme is “By the Beach” wear seashells in your hair or decorate your bag with sea glass. It doesn’t necessarily have to be all about the theme, but sometimes being subtle is what gets you noticed.

So, as you make you final decisions about your prom outfit, it is important to keep the whole night in mind. It’s not just about what your friends are wearing or what the hottest celebrity trends are that matters. Your prom, the prom theme and prom outfit can be a complete package. Allow your prom theme to choose your prom dress.

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What Are Some Good Beachs in California to Find Sea Glass?

I’m really wanting to go sea glass hunting, my dad said yes but to find some good beachs. If there are any good spots on the beachs please tell me where in detail.

Since California has such a long coastline, it depends where you are. If you are in Northern California like the San Francisco Bay area, you are fairly close to some really good beaches. The best known is Fort Bragg in Mendocino County a ways north of San Francisco. The beaches around San Francisco itself offer good sea glass hunting.

Further south are beaches, the best of which are near Santa Cruz. South of Santa Cruz just before Monterey is a good beach at Seaside. Cannery Row in Monterey is supposed to have a lot.

In Southern California, there are not many beaches that have been “discovered” to be great for sea glass, but on most beaches in a populated area will have some sea glass.

For specific beaches, there are hundreds listed at the site below.

Finding Sea Glass

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