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Seam Binding
Seam Binding

Knitting Help – Best Way To Sew Two Moss Stitch (Seed Stitch) Pieces Together?

Hello everyone.

I have several large squares all knitted in moss (seed) stitch. What is going to be the best method for joining them together in an aesthetic fashion? I use a 3 needle bind off for most things (because sewing really is not my forte!) but I don’t want there to be a seam, as this is for a blanket.

I need a method for sewing sides to each other, and tops and bottoms to each other. Ideally I don’t want there to be a particularly visible join. I only seem to be able to find such methods for stockinette or garter stitch.

I would be so very grateful if someone could offer me a little of their superior knitting knowledge on this one! Thank you.

– Just Me 🙂


I have been knitting for over 40 years, and my “weaving” technique for sewing knitted pieces together has worked for all patterns. You can view close ups of this technique on my website at About the middle of the page, I show how to weave two seams together. This proves to be a technique that yields very “flat” seams. It will work for any pattern.

Be sure to catch the same part of opposite stitches for each and every weave.

If you have several different colors to sew together, you can use one color to sew all together, thus creating an additional pattern.

Good luck!


I hope this helps.

How to Dye and Crinkle Seam Binding

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