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12 years ago

Seashell Hand
Seashell Hand

I got bit by a tick on the head?

OK i was taking a short cut home through the woods, I wasn’t even 1/4 mile and I was on a bike.
When I got home I went to sleep without knowing there was a tick on me. The next day I went to the beach for about 4 hours (i live in Florida) went home, took a shower then went to this meeting at my church for a camp out. I took my hat of to scratch my head and I felt something in there my first reaction was “another seashell) so I pulled it out and open my hand I was a TICK and I think it was missing its head. it was black and really small so I flushed it out. so whats gonna happen now to me!
lyme disease??

It is very likely that you are completely OK. Don’t worry too much. Not all ticks carry diseases like lyme disease.

The best thing to do is to pay attention to your body over the next couple of weeks. Watch for fevers, headaches, the flu or a stiff neck. You can see a complete list of symptoms to watch for here:

In the event that you experience these symptoms, consult a doctor. Hope this helps!

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