Seed Beads

11 years ago

Seed Beads
Seed Beads

Anyone know about the Bead Spinner? (a machine that helps string seed beads quickly)?

I saw a Bead Spinner in a store and can anyone tell me if it’s any good? Any good things or bad things about it?

I’ve never owned one myself, since I don’t do a lot of beading, but I’ve seen them in operation. One girl was just so slick at it… it was the most amazing thing I’ve seen!

Then another girl had one at a class I was in, and it took longer for her to string her beads with the spinner than it did for me with a needle and thread. She was quite disappointed with hers.

I think there may be somewhat of a learning curve with them, maybe certain beads work better than others, and you may need to learn how to exactly work those things. If you can get one at a low price, you may enjoy it. Or try one out for a bit, see if it works as well as others make it appear! If you are not going to be using it a lot, it may not be worth it at this point in time.

Differences among Delica beads, Seed beads and “common” beads

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