Seed Beads

9 years ago

Seed Beads
Seed Beads

Does anyone know a faster way to sort seed beads?

My dad just got me 5 little ziplock bags of seed beads and the colors are all mixed together, right now I’m putting a little in my hand and picking out the colors one by one with a needle but this it going to take FOREVER! Any help you could give me will be highly appreciated!

I agree…it’s just tedious.

When I have to pick out a bunch of specific seed beads from random seed beads, I’ll pour them out in a single layer on a piece of velvet or something with a short nap.
Then I’ll use a needle (or long pin, etc) to stab through the holes and scoop up onto the needle (then tilt and hold) till I have plenty.
Then I’ll dump those beads wherever I want, or I’ll lay them down in a line or in the crease of a folded trough of paper (like accordion-folded paper) so I can run another needle through them with thead if needed, etc.
Repeat, repeat, repeat.

(If the seed beads were mixed in with other-size beads though, you could put them through a series of screen sizes to sort by size. Or if some had real metal you could often use a magnet, or if some were very lightweight you could drop them slowly and let a fan blow out the light ones–probably in a large box so they wouldn’t blow everywhere.)

How to make the Wheel earrings with seed beads (Peyote and Brick Stitches) | Beading Tutorial

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