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Here is my Dragon Naturally Speaking review…

I felt I was in need of voice recognition software as I spend a lot of time on my PC writing articles. I’m not a good typist, in fact I am a very slow typist and knew that I needed to speed up my efforts considerably if I was to be anyway successful at article marketing.

I had heard about Dragon Naturally Speaking software and decided I should give it a try. I searched the Internet for as much information as I could get about speech to text software. I was not disappointed with the amount of information I got, now I needed to be able to purchase it at the right price.

There are quite a few places to buy from, but I like the idea of buying online. I usually find I get a much better bargain when I purchase products online. That was some weeks ago and I have been using Dragon Naturally Speaking software on a continuous basis since then.

It arrived about two days after I had ordered it and I was quite surprised to find that it arrived with a set of headphones and Mike. I did not realise that headphones were supplied with this order and had ordered a pair separately. Not to worry I have a spare set now in case of any problems.

The speech recognition software I received from Dragon Naturally Speaking was quite simple to install and very easy to follow. There is a learning curve, but the tutorials you get with this software are extremely well-written and very helpful.

I am now a whizz kid at typing or should I say talking, as the Dragon software can type three times faster than a normal typist. I’m glad I am now using speech to text, as this has made my day so much easier. My only regret is that I did not have this software years ago.

I know that it is usual when giving a review of any product, that you give both the pros and cons. Everything about Dragon Naturally Speaking has been a positive experience for me. I know that there may be negative points, but as yet I have not come across any.

If you have not guessed already, I would highly recommend voice recognition software. For me it has taken the work of the working and hopefully you will also see the advantages that I have. For the price I paid and time that I have saved, Dragon Naturally Speaking has now become part of my work tools.

If you would like to get Dragon Naturally Speaking Software

or need more information about voice recognition software, you can visit my blog at

How is a juvenile murder case set up?

Okay, I know that this sounds kind of bad, but I write stories in my free time. I’m working on one now and a 15 year old gets arrested for four murders-but the problem is that I have no idea how a juvenile murder case would be set up, seeing as how when I was 15, I never committed any murders. Can someone please tell me how one would be? I’d appreciate it.

(Before any misinterpretations occur the 15-year old is getting arrest for murders that they didn’t commit, but is found guilty anyway.)

You should google juveniles charged as adults. In this case, the juvenile will be tried as an adult, meaning it will be a trial that adults would have. Little issues like allowing media and stuff are worked out by the judge. Google it.

how to make a 10 set stair case with down rail

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