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Sew Button
Sew Button

Not everyone wants a sewing machine that does little more than sew a few stitches and puts together garments, and yet most of us cannot afford to spend the type of money that it costs to buy one of the high end embroidery machines. If you have been dreaming of taking your sewing to the next level and letting your creativity go, the Brother SE350 was designed specifically for you. It offers all of the utility of a basic sewing machine with the ability to embroider on shirts, hats and more.

Brother SE350 is more than Just Another Machine

Most sewing machines will allow you to sew all the basic stitches, offer button hole features and have adjustments to extend the abilities of each of your stitches, the Brother SE350 has all of that as well as offering you the ability to use this machine as an embroidery machine. With the use of 70 built in embroidery designs as well as 5 different monogram fonts you can extend the use of your machine to many different do it yourself projects. If this is not enough for you can get thousands more designs or can create your own with the LED touch screen.

Computerized Controls make the Brother SE350 Sewing Machine Precise and Easy to Use

If you have not had the pleasure of using a computerized sewing machine yet you are in for a treat, the touch screen allows you to see exactly what you are doing and make adjustments in real time. The electronic precision offers you the freedom of choosing your own settings or for beginners the settings can be chosen for you to ensure the best stitch for the job. The Brother SE350 sewing machine offers a high degree of customization for every task from basic sewing tasks to more complex embroidery patterns.

Not Just for Advanced Sewers

A sewing machine this advanced would leave one to assume that it was not for beginners, but the brother sewing machine company has made sure to build in easy to use features that make this machine as ideal for beginners as it is for advanced sewers. Things such as the automatic needle threader and drop in bobbin let you get started fast without having to fiddle with getting the machine set up right.

A Feature Rich Machine will keep you Busy for Years to Come

If you ever wished you had a sewing machine that could do it all from applique to quilting and embroidery but could never afford one of the high end machines that the professionals use, then you will be happy to know that the Brother SE350 sewing machine offers a generous amount of features ensuring that you will be able to do just about any project you can possibly imagine.

  • 67 built in Stitches
  • 98 stitch functions
  • 10 styles of button holes
  • 70 embroidery designs with thousands more available
  • 5 monogramming fonts
  • 120 frame pattern combinations
  • Built in memory to allow you to create your own designs

All of this is designed to make this machine capable of tackling any job, big or small and leave you in control of all of the details. You can choose how creative you want to be or you can use the automated features to get what you need fast, Brother has left that up to you.

See how the Brother SE350 sewing machine compares to its competitors and what others have to say about this machine. You can compare machines and find the best deals at

How do you sew a button on ?

I dont have a sewing machine, but Ive got a needle and thread. Is it easy or should I take it round me mums?

Dont take it round your mums – you should know how to do it. I always use double thread – thread the needle with about 2 feet of cotton. pull one end until it meets the other with the needle in the middle. Knot the cotton. put the needle through from the back of the fabric. If you have 2 holes in your button, go up through the first one and down through the other. If you have 4 then do each pair seperately (I usually go up and down 3 times then go to the other one, back to the first etc until the cotton is almost gone) Keep going up through down through until you have done it maybe half a dozen times. Finish behind the fabric. push the needle through the back of the fabric (nice and tight to where your stitches are) and then through the loop you have just made with the cotton. Pull first loop tight and go through the loop you have just made which will make it nice and secure.

How to sew on a Button — Basic Sewing Skills

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