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Sew Easy
Sew Easy

Do you need to buy a princess Halloween costume for Halloween for your kids or should you just sew it? Well, it all depends on your budget and how many kids you have. If your budget is limited then you have no choice but to sew it yourself. Unfortunately, it is not easy to sew a princess Halloween costume because it needs to look very elegant and beautiful. Do you have the skill and creativity to do it? If you do not, then you might have to change the theme/character to an easier one to handle. You can surf the Internet for ideas and select those characters that are easier to sew and some websites even have sewing patterns at your disposal. You could choose either animals, clowns or even a pirates.

You can choose the color of the sweater of the jogging suit according to the type of animal and place the ears made from cardboard on the hood and attach a tail to the sweater if you like. Use make up or face paint to create a dramatic and scary look or if that is too difficult for you, then just get a mask from the craft shop. This will complete the look. The best thing for this idea is the you do not have to throw it away after the party. The jogging suit can still be worn and re -used and this will help you to save some money.

Clowns are one of the easiest characters to create. It would be great if your kid already has a pair of colorful or brightly colored sweats pants. If they do not have it, you can sew them a pair of baggy pants. This does not require sewing skills. Use big, bright and colorful buttons to decorate the front of their colored shirt. Use some fabric glue to attach the buttons easily or sew it yourself if you have the time.

Get a curly colored wig and place it on the kid. This is better than to use a color spray on their hair. Use white face paint of makeup on their face, bright bold red for the lips and a tiny colored ping pong ball on the nose. Use some toys or a horn as their props as they go out to collect the sweets and candies.

Another simple costume is the pirates costume. You would need to sew a dark / black vest and attach a picture of a skull in white color (use white cloth) on it. The next thing you need for your kid is a white shirt and a pair of jeans. You can let them wear a big pirates hat or tie a bandanna on their fore head just like some of the characters in Pirates of the Caribbean. An eye patch will complete the look if you like but you have to remind them to remove the patch when they are walking around in the dark. It can be difficult to walk in the dark using just one eye.

If you are a working mom and do not have the luxury of time and you have one or two kids only, then it would be a wise choice to just buy the princess Halloween costume. The costumes are quite affordable nowadays and they cost from $20 onwards. If you were to buy the costume, try to choose costumes that you can recycle or reuse after Halloween like simple princess Halloween costume or fairies costume. In other words, your kid can still wear it to a party, drama, play or even a dinner celebration in future so your money is well spent.

It is the dream of every girl to be a princess on Halloween instead of being a ghost or witch. She will look so stunning and it will really boost her confidence because she will surely get compliments on how beautiful she looks is the lovely dress. There are many Disney princess Halloween costume choices such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Jasmine, Belle and many more.

If they already have been one of those characters, then they can go for more unique characters like oriental or Japanese princess Halloween costume or even flower princess Halloween costume. There is such a wide variety and the choice is just endless. If you need more information on princess Halloween costume, we will be happy to help you you.

Princess Halloween costume blog provides ideas on what characters to choose and what alternatives are available if your budget is tight this year.

There are many options and ideas which you may not have thought of before, so check out to assist you in your planning for this Halloween.

What is an easy thing that i can sew everyday to wear?

I am not that good at sewing and i really want to learn how to make something i can wear everyday to school… What can i make???

DREsses skirts totebags and some Wallets!

Sew Easy Tool by We r Memory Keepers

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