Shopping Grocery

12 years ago

Shopping Grocery
Shopping Grocery

Does anyone have tips for grocery shopping for a year?

I want to grocery shop for a year. Paper products, canned goods, pop, meats, and etc. I’m looking for a list to go by or one that will help me calculate how much to buy.

There’s a site (listed below) I came across where you can put in the number of people in your household and you will be shown amounts that you will need for a year of basic foods. It will take some figuring on your part for how much you’ll need of beyond basic items (meats, snacks, pop, paper products, medicines [otc]). I would suggest watching and cataloging whatever you use for three months (just to get a good overview) and buying based on those numbers.

There are a few other sites that I would recommend. One is called Prairie Homemaker. I’ve found a lot of wonderful tips on how to buy, store and save on household goods (foods, paper products, etc.). (Just FYI: You’ll have to register to read or post messages and it’s a Christian site.) I’ve posted the link to a topic entitled, “Once-a-year shopping?” (see link below), but I would also encourage you to check out the “5&10” and “The Pantry” boards. I’ve posted a link found on the “Once-a-year shopping?” that you might find interesting, in case you didn’t want to register for PH. Lastly, I’ve posted a site that might help you take an inventory of what you already have and what you use regularly.

Be creative about storage options, if you don’t have many readily available. Be willing (and ready financially) to make once a month shopping trips, in case of emergency and for perishables that can’t be frozen. Remember to think about birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

I don’t know if we could do it, but looking into it for this question has me wondering if it would work to our benefit. If you have a blog I would be interested in reading about your experiences with once a year shopping (how it works out, what sort of storage you are using, etc.), if you wouldn’t mind.

Much good luck to you!

Grocery Shopping Time!

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