Short Cuts

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Short Cuts
Short Cuts

When you work with lots of messages in Outlook, using the mouse can slow you down. You need to take your hand off the keyboard, grab the mouse, point and click one or more times, then put your hand back on the right spot on the keyboard. It can get time-consuming and tiring. Keyboard shortcuts make it possible to execute many commands without ever lifting your hands from the keyboard. Learning the shortcuts for the commands you use most often will make a productive difference in the way you work with Outlook.

If you have previously used any Microsoft Office product, you may already have some experience with the old style of shortcuts. But things changed when Microsoft introduced Office 2007. In many areas of Outlook 2007, you will encounter the Ribbon, which spawned a whole new style of shortcuts. You can take advantage of the new shortcuts are available when the Ribbon is visible. To use them, you press and release the Alt key.

From there, what you press next depends on what you are doing at the time. The length of a new-style keyboard shortcut varies as well, so you may have to press three or four keys to complete a command. Still, this is a far more efficient way to do things than mousing through multiple levels of the Ribbon until you reach the command you are after.

Here are a few of the shortcuts that apply when you are editing mail messages:

  • ALT, H, A, C – Center the selected paragraph
  • ALT, H, A, O – Decrease the indent of the selected paragraph
  • ALT, H, A, L – Align the selected paragraph with the left margin
  • ALT, O, F, Y – Display a list of styles you can apply to the selected text
  • ALT, N, P – Open the Insert Picture dialog box

As the examples above show, there’s a huge variety of shortcuts available to simplify your life when working with your mail. It’s definitely worth memorizing a few key shortcuts that you will use many times each day. The amount of savings may not seem like much at first, but even if you save a second or two, when you multiply the savings by the number of times you repeat the same commands, and it could add up to some real benefits. Now all you need is a good resource to show you the best keyboard shortcuts to memorize.

The Living With Outlook website lists many of the top Outlook keyboard shortcuts. To see more, including a cool procedure that lets you send mail without touching the mouse, go to

Bill Mann is the creator of several books, articles, and online courses for Outlook users.

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