Shoulder Bag

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Shoulder Bag
Shoulder Bag

If you have recently purchased a laptop computer, or are considering purchasing one, you know this can be a very expensive investment. Protecting your investment should on the forefront of your thinking when shopping for something to carry them around in. Laptop computers are extremely high-tech yet delicate instruments. These machines must be handled with care, as even a low elevated drop to the floor can cause irreparable damage. There is a variety of laptop carrying cases on the market today, and this article will aid in making the best choice for you.

A common style of laptop carrying case is the briefcase bag. This bag can be soft-sided or a hard case. The soft-sided bag usually has room for all of the accessories that go with the laptop, and can have extra pockets both inside and outside for documents or other essentials. These bags can be made of durable nylon or Cordura (a tough material manufactured by Dupont), and can be stain and liquid resistant, to a point. Most of these bags have extra padding to help protect your expensive machine from small bumps and jostling. The downside to these types of cases is that only one hand holds the entire bag, so dropping is always a threat. Hard cases solve the problem of drops or bumps. These cases are usually made of high-impact plastic, are fully padded, and can be rather fashionable. There is also stainless steel or aluminum cases for those laptop owners who want a high-tech look, which can be heavy for carrying around all day. Again, only one hand holds the case, and some hard cases shout out that they contain something valuable – a prime target for thieves.

Another common way to carry laptops is the backpack. Although these are essentially not laptop carrying cases, they can be an efficient way for the student to convey their materials, including their laptop, around campus. The downside to this sort of transport, for the laptop, is that it can be damaged from the rough and tumble of the students’ daily routine – the backpack is not normally padded. You can remedy some of the possible jostling by using a laptop sleeve, a sort of padded device that slips over the machine to protect its finish. The laptop sleeve has been gaining popularity, as they come is such a huge assortment of colors and designs. The downside for these is that they have to be carried like a book, and they do not afford the security from nimble fingers. The upside to using a backpack is the security. Once it is on, it has to be intentionally taken off. Unfortunately, backpacks have a tendency to be stolen or misplaced, and it is common for the user to be unaware of how they treat the backpack during their busy schedule.

Bicyclists use a special laptop carrying case that has straps for over the shoulder and across the chest. It is very similar to a backpack, however, so this type of case would be more useful if you rode your bicycle daily. These packs are slightly padded, and have ample room for other things you may need to bring. They are a secure way to transport your investment, but may be too encumbering when putting on or taking off. Bicycle messengers benefit from these types of laptop carrying cases, but students who use their bikes on campus can find them useful, too.

There are other things to consider when purchasing a laptop carrying case. The materials the case is made of should be durable and light. A leather carrying case may look sleek and fashionable, but leather is much heavier than nylon or other cloth-like material. Hard cases can also add to the weight of hoisting around your laptop, and as mentioned above, be a target for thieves. You do not have to give up on fashion, though, to have a secure and easy way to transport your investment. Many laptop-carrying cases are designed for not only security and comfort, but also are in vogue.

The most secure method of conveying your prized machine is the over the shoulder laptop carrying case. This design lends not only comfort, but also can be very fashionable. Since the laptop’s ascent in popularity, manufacturers have been scrambling to bring fashion and function to their cases. The shoulder strap is padded, for comfort, and the bag itself has ample room and padding for the device. The laptop shoulder bag’s strap can be slung across one’s back for even more security, or simply draped over the shoulder, like a handbag.

These laptop-carrying cases come in many designs and colors. Some are manufactured for women in mind, some men, and many unisex. The important thing to remember is “security over fashion.” A shoulder laptop carrying case would be a secure and comfortable way to carry your investment with style.

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Can someone tell me where to buy this shoulder bag?

I really like this girls shoulder bag, you can kinda see it, the photo isn’t very good.

Its a long shoulder bag, good for skool, where can i buy a bag like that?

heres a few..[]=tags&includes[]=title

also you could check places like chinatown in nyc

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