Silk Garden

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Silk Garden
Silk Garden

The Silk Calla Lily is a popular choice for decorating and for wedding flowers. This is an elegant and beautiful flower and has become a popular alternate to the venerable rose. Calla Lilies are found in three popular wedding colors and several sizes so decorators and designers have many options when using this beautiful silk flower. The beautiful and elegant silk calla lily stems have a fresh cut look and are made of a synthetic material to provide a realistic look. They are easy to keep clean and fresh looking.

Color: Calla Lilies can be found in several colors. Yellow and White are the two most popular colors and they also happen to be the colors most people think of when they imagine a Calla Lily. Also available are cream, green, plum and mauve. White is very commonly used in wedding flowers.

Sizes: A Silk Calla Lily can be found in 5 primary sizes: baby, mini, small, medium and large. A baby Calla Lily is the size used for corsages. Mini and Small sizes are usually used in small arrangements, aisle flowers and bridesmaid flowers. Medium is the size you would likely encounter in a garden. This is the size that is most often found naturally. The medium size is used in floral arrangements and multi flower bouquets (traditionally a bridal bouquet, but sometimes in bridesmaid bouquets). The Large Silk Calla Lily is used in single flower bridal bouquets for a simple and elegant statement. They are also used for alter flowers as well as in large floral arrangements.

Silk Calla Lilies are most often found as stems but can be found as complete arrangements, bushes (whole plants) and potted. You can usually find exactly what you are looking for. The stems have wire in the stems to aid in shaping for you precise purpose. The stems can also be easily trimmed to size.

Calla, Lily and Lilies are among the most misspelled flower words. You’ll find Calla misspelled Cala often. Lily is often misspelled with 2 L’s like Lilly or Lillies. Lilly is also a popular name so it will come up in searches. None of the top searches for Lilly will result in a flower, so when you are search for these, spelling is important. is your source for Silk Calla Lilies

Anyone having problems with garden pests????

(actually another joke…..shhhhh)

Laughter is a Divine Gift (amen)

Little Jerry Falwell was playing in the garden when he spotted two spiders.

“Daddy, look at these cute little spiders ” he said.

“They’re God’s wondrous creatures,” father replied.

“Look how tall and thin they, their bodies are decorated with all sorts of markings, they live in very ornate houses decorated with lots of silk, truly one of God’s miracles” father said.

“They are so cute” little Jerry replied. “Daddy, what are they doing?”

“Well, they’re mating son” father said

What do you call the spider on top, Daddy?” he asked.

“That’s a daddy longlegs.” father answered.

“So, the other one is a mommy longlegs?” Jerry asked.

“No,” her father replied. “Both of them are daddy longlegs.”

Jerry thought for a moment, then took his foot and stamped them flat. “Well, we’re not having that sort of thing in our garden.”

oooohhhh you character you. hehehehehehehe LOL What a screamer!!!

the silk demise – the garden

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