Silver Charms

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Silver Charms
Silver Charms

We love silver beads – they are so much fun to collect and wear – you need never wear the same combination twice and they make a great gift for you wife or present for your girlfriend – especially as you can keep on choosing more and never need be stuck for a Christmas gift or birthday present again.

Charm Beads – our oxidised Top 10

1. Christmas Tree – perfect for the coming festive season, perhaps evoking memories of fir trees laden with fresh snow in a Nordic forest with watery blue sky and bright sum this bead is a breath of fresh air to anyone, or, topped off with a gold-plated star warming cold hands and toes by a roaring open fire, mince pies and mulled wine… this charm bead would make a great Christmas gift

2. Hope 2010 – a solid silver charm bead with an oxidised finish, this bead is great for anyone and can help build enthusiasm, strengthen resolve or just make the wearer feel that little bit better when they wear it. Hope is one of our favourite and most loved charm beads.

3. Neptune – this bead is a cheerful little seahorse swimming around in her metaphorical ocean gently nodding and evocative of the underwater world. A fantastic gift for her if she loves the sea.

4. Live Love Laugh – good advice from a small silver charm bead – this is a great gift and perfect for a night out or even wearing at work when some cheering up and positivity might be required!

5. Bouquet – this bead has a ring of flowers and luxuriant leaves beneath them – the flowers have broad open petals reminiscent of a field of large daisies swaying gently in the breeze on a perfect summer’s day, with not a cloud in the sky and a skylark singing in the distance.

6. Best Friend (with stars) – this solid charm bead makes a fantastic gift – great as a present on a night out or perhaps when you want your best friend to remember that you are always there for them

7. Nutty Bling – Angular, urban, abstract but ultimately refined and sophisticated with an almost alien outer shape, oxidised finish and enamel detailing this charm bead is stylish and very popular. It avoids the sentimentality of some of the beads. looks great and will work well on a huge combination of bead choices.

8. Well Done – Does what it says – a simple message but heart felt. This makes a perfect gift for her – whatever the achievement. The contemporary shape and angular lines make it stand out on any charm bracelet, charm bead necklace or charm bead ring.

9. FlutterBye – Are you a butterfly dreaming that you are a person or a person dreaming that you are a butterfly? One of our favourite beads for setting off a day dream and setting your imagination free.

10. Strawberry – of all the charm beads this one is evocative of summer – strawberries and cream, Wimbledon, a champagne lunch, Henley or fruit salad – the strawberry can evoke a wide range of memories and images but almost all of them summery – which is no bad thing during the long winter months.

If choosing a charm bracelet for the first time, you need to choose an empty charm bead bracelet or charm bead necklace and then choose your beads to compliment it. Remember you also need to choose at least one stopper bead, so your other beads don’t fall off, and you can use 3 if you like, to help space your beads around the bracelet.

They make excellent gifts for her, are very collectable, great for the next present – just buy a few more to add to it. Also wonderful gifts for children to buy for Mum as they can choose their own beads and therefore really feel part of choosing the gift.

Enjoy and happy choosing – we love them!

The author is a gift guru and author specialising in Gifts For Her for all occasions.

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