Silver Crimp

11 years ago

Silver Crimp
Silver Crimp

What should I wear on Halloween?

2 costumes, Max from Where THe Wild Things Are and lord of the ringy type elf
I dont know which one, this is what I’m going to do for each,
(and i have long** black hair btw)

White strapless dress to the knees
Extra long knit sweater with pompoms
Glue on elf ears (super realistic)
Green suede boots
Fake extra long eyelashes
Silver Metallic eyeliner
Green around the head 60’s style headband
Hair is going to be pin straight OR extra crimpy? (Ideas?)

White Shirt with a hood and tail sewn on with ears and buttons
White leggings
Shoes with fabric claws sewn on over top
Black liquid liner
Whiskers face painted on
Hair crimped (with a flat iron!!! Makes a difference)

So which one? I really dont know D: Are school is having a costume contests and Originality is one of the categories.

The Max idea is cute 8] but you’re forgetting his crown. But I think it would be a hard costume to make, that’s a lot of sewing and it still wouldn’t look authentic if you were to make it from a simple shirt. I like the lord of the rings idea as well. I just think you should have more to it o:! Like green or brown leggings. And instead of a 60’s style headband i would use a necklace for a hair piece. Example:

So like head jewlery ;]

Oh and under your dress and sweater wear a green or brown long sleeve shirt, and if you could find leather sleeves kind of like the ones shown on this figurine

Yeah stuff like that and then if you could get a bow and arrow case and fill it with fake arrows, now that would be an authentic outfit 8]. Oh! And for you hair, it can go either way, i think straight is best. Good luck with the contest!

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