Silver Head

10 years ago

Silver Head
Silver Head

i saw this film, and the main person had a walking stick with a silver dogs head as a handle?

i have no idea what its called,its a scary film and i was pretty young when i saw it…
the man with the walking stick flew or somthing,and he took children:| its set in a village and the people who lived there had to decide if they should give the man children, to stop him doing somthing:S
I know it sounds stupid,but i really want to know,its been annoying me for years.

It is “Stephen King’s ‘Storm of the Century'” with Tim Daly and Rebecca DeMornay.

This is one of the original stories that King provided in exchange for ABC-TV producing versions of “The Stand” and “The Shining” wherein King kept total creative control. It’s pretty scary, too, with Linoge, a demon, coming to an isolated island as the title disturbance occurs.

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