Simplicity Misses

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Simplicity Misses
Simplicity Misses

Choosing Simplicity Patterns

If you have pursued the art of sewing, then chances are you have heard of Simplicity Sewing patterns and their many other products.

Simplicity is a company that offers many style patterns for clothing, arts and crafts for sewing. Whether that sewing is for pleasure, hobby, or business. Their patterns are easy to use and have very good instructions with them.

Simplicity sewing machine and notions

Simplicity is not just a pattern company either. They also offer a wide array of products for home use. Ranging from the patterns, notions, a sewing machine to even a clothing iron.

Some of the patterns that they offer are considered the quick or easy patterns. These simplicity sewing patterns are perfect for beginners or people that just want to make a comfortable fitting dress, shorts or slacks.

The Mrs Dress patterns come in two lengths with different variations on the sleeves and are referred to as the project runway collection. Project Runway is a bold claim, but if you are able to create the kind of clothes that are worn on that show then you are definitely going to turn heads.

Plus Size Patterns

Next is the Misses plus size and sportswear. This particular pattern comes with a womens jacket, a dress or top a skirt and pants. This collection is perfect for the active woman. It gives a lot of room and allows you to move freely while doing whatever activities you have planned throughout your day.

Next on the list of Simplicity sewing patterns is the babies’ dress and separates pattern. These patterns are perfect if you are going to want to create some clothes for your little bundle of joy. This comes with a babies dress, a top, panties, bolero and hat sewing patterns to top off your little babys head.

When you create clothes for your baby using this pattern you can rest easy knowing that they are not only going to be cute, but also they are going to be comfortable in the clothes that you made yourself.

Next up on this list is the toddlers collection. This comes with a toddlers dress with appliques and a hat sewing pattern. Your toddler is bound to look adorable in the clothes that you make using this pattern.

Not only does Simplicity offer patterns for clothing but when it comes to children they offer patterns for Halloween costumes as well. The costumes they offer for children include: the child princess, the fairy, the mermaid, and the dancer. You can be confident in your childs costume knowing that it was made with this pattern by your own two hands. You will know the safer (fire retardant) fabric you use rather than relying on a department store costume and unknown fabric.

Easy Christmas Crafts

Simplicities patterns do not only include clothing either.

One of the other items that Simplicity has patterns for are bags. Simplicity includes patterns for tote bags and purses as well as various clothing. You will find pet clothes and bedding, items for the home and many soft toys, to mention a few.

When you get into sewing your own items, you can make everything from your own clothing to a slip cover for your sofa using the Simplicity sewing patterns.

For more information, patterns and instructions about sewing for home, personal and crafts projects. There are online sewing classes and patterns for beginners. You will find help with projects from quilts to Barbie clothes, dresses to curtains. Linda at

How can I make my house and life more ‘Japanese’ like…?

I lived in Japan for a year and love it so much. I really miss it now and would love to make my life more Japanese. I love their simplicity, attention to details, modesty etc. Any easy ideas on how to incorporate Japan more into my life in Britain? Obviously I can’t put tatami mats in my house (v. expensive!) but any serious ideas?
Ha good one – not THAT Japanese geezus!

you must slurp when you are fueling yourself with ramen.

next, place water bottles around your house to deter cutesy animals called cat.

eat bowls of rice at least once a day with chopsticks. bring the bowl to your mouth when you eat.

dig it, japanese is not a nationality. it’s an experience. a way of life. if you believe you are leading your life in the “way of japanese”, then no matter what they say you are, in fact, a japanese.


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