Simplicity Sewing

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Simplicity Sewing
Simplicity Sewing

Having been trusted for generations, simplicity sewing patterns are still extremely popular and come in a variety of beautiful designs. If you love using these patterns for your favorite projects, but could use a few tips, this is the perfect article for you to read. Here are some of the top tips for using simplicity sewing patterns.

Measurement Tips:

If you are creating an outfit for yourself or a family member, you will want the measurements to be right so the clothes can be a perfect fit. There are a few things you can do to make this easier. As for measuring your height, you may want to get someone to help you with this. You want to take off your shoes. This may not seem like such a big deal, but if we want exact measurements the height of your shoes will skew the results.

Using a long tape of some sort, have a friend hold it while you stand against the wall. Get your exact height starting from the bottom of your foot going all the way to the top of your head. Also, when your measuring hips and bust for Simplicity sewing patterns, you want to measure at the fullest point. That way your outfit wont be too tight in those areas.

A Few More Tips To Consider:

After sewing for years, you starting picking up a few tricks and tips here and there that really make a difference. Here are a few of those that might come in handy for your Simplicity sewing patterns.

– When you’re sewing on a button, you can use a piece of clear scotch tape to hold it in place on the garment. When sewing, just sew right through the tape. When you’re finished, all you have to do is peel the tape off and discard it!

– When you’re working on Simplicity sewing patterns for large projects, such as drapes or dresses with lots of material, you can use golf weights to hold the bottom of the project down while you’re working with the top portion.

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What do I do with my simplicity sewing machine?

It needs the timing adjusted. I called the shop and they told me that since it’s an economy machine, I’d probably be better off just getting a new machine.
I do sew quite a bit, so I wouldn’t have a problem with that…But now what do I do with this machine? Other than the timing that recently went out (my fault), it’s served me well for the past few years. It seems a tragic waste to just throw it out!

That tends not to be the most durable machine brand around. Still, timing is usually not an issue for most machines. Take a look at to check your machine’s timing against that of the diagrams. Most “machine timing” problems I see locally (I’m the neighborhood “last stop before the machine repair shop” consultant, it seems) are actually bad needle, needle in backwards, improperly threaded machine and dirty machine problems. Usually timing problems are heralded by broken needles, really bad jams, and nasty noises. I’d suggest trying what I call the 10 minute tuneup before you give up on this machine:;_ylt=ArguMjy376OpQ1DL7YjrAPPsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100213112658AAVye56&show=7#profile-info-4moeNkLgaa

If you don’t want to have someone fix it, and it truly is the timing, you can try to retime it yourself. The folks at the yahoo group “wefixit” will probably be willing to help coach you through, though you may get some remarks about “plastic wonders”… just tell them you know it’s a not-wonderful machine, so you’re taking the opportunity to learn on it.

Or you can freecycle it to someone who is willing to fix it.

Or you can buy an “embellishment needle” and turn it into a needle felting machine:

How To Sew A Mini Skirt – Simplicity 2414 Pt. 1

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