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Auditioning for K-Pop industries?

Yes (: on w/ this question .. AGAIN!
Okay (SM, JYP, YG).. do they force you into getting surgery? I’m very descent looking, and I’ve been told times by my friends that I’m really pretty and they wish they were me. (Yes, yes, I’m ASIAN)
And I’m scared if my parents wouldn’t allow me to do what I want to do in life.. and well yeah.. what should I do about that?
What are the chances (1-100) of a pinay with fair skin, slightly slanted eyes with the weight of 107lbs and the height of 5’5 make it in? I am a descent singer, but a better dancer. I don’t think I can rap.
What about auditioning? What do you have to show them? Can you pick a song you want to dance to or do they pick for you? and.. finally.. do you get paid (won) for being in these industries?

Sorry for large amt. of Q’s. Just really really curious. And I almost forgot… Yes, I speak Korean! (:
would they pay for your trip to sk?

1. Do they force you to get plastic surgery?
No, but it can turn into a yes.
Why? Plastic surgery is expensive and recovery is tough. Besides, if you’re young (I’m going to assume you’re a teen) they figure you face is developing and they should wait a few years. A lot of trainees look awkward when they’re chosen. But if you happen to become really popular and you aren’t that good looking, they will consider surgery. They won’t FORCE you to get surgery though. My theory is that no company, no matter how harsh, will force their artists to change their face.. it’s your choice!

2. Well, sadly, there is not much yo can do, as they are the parent and you’re the child. When you’re 18, it shouldn’t matter what you do in life as long as you’re happy.

3. It depends. I can not rate you because A) I have not seen you or heard you even. Besides, who knows what your competition would be. A rating from me does not matter as you are the BEST you can be.

4. Different records labels have different requirements for how many songs the want. Check thir webites. But basically, any song that can show your talent should work.

5. As a trainee, you won’t get paid.

6. Yes, they pay for everything!


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