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11 years ago

Size Bjd
Size Bjd

BJD: What wig size does Bobobie 1/4 girl Mei have?

I am planning to buy this doll:

And therefore I need to know it’s wig size. I have googled it, didn’t find anything. This would be my first doll, too. And I only found the wig sizes in for example 9, and I don’t know what size 17 cm is.


It says on that page that her head size is 17cm. You divide 17cm by 2.54 to get inches and that is 6.69 so she is going to need a 6-7 wig but not a real tight one. My Narae has a 16.7cm head (very slightly smaller than your Bobobie’s) and I sometimes find the Jpopdolls/Monique Gold 6/7 wigs to be really tight. But they are cool looking wigs. My favorite wigs are the Leekeworld and Dollga middle size (M at Leekeworld?) but they are pricey and the shipping is very high so I have only gotten them in group orders at Den of Angels. If you can join Den of Angels and are a member for 25 days and have 40 meaningful posts, you’ll get Marketplace access where you can find used wigs, clothes, BJDs and join in on group orders.

Some good places to look for wigs are Denver Doll and Ebay, plus you can find those pretty tight Jpop/Monique Gold wigs at Jpopdolls, Juju’s Dolly Mall, Facets for Marcia. Kemper Dolls also has some cute BJD wigs (click their BJD category).

Here is an Ebay search. Beware of anything called “doll wig” that isn’t shown on a BJD – it might not have an elastic cap and may be meant to be glued on.

BJD Cast 07 – Size Comparison

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