Sizzix Sizzlets

11 years ago

Sizzix Sizzlets
Sizzix Sizzlets

If you are new to scrap booking, card making or any type of crafting you may not have heard of a sizzix machine. A sizzix machine is made by the company elision and is a wonderful tool that is use to create stunning die cuts.

The sizzix machine has a lever and a sliding cutting mat. You place a piece of card with the die face down onto the cutting mat underneath the pressure point then simply pull down the lever and you will have the perfect die cut.

The sizzix machine comes with full instructions and do not worry they are really easy to read and understand. The machine its self is heavy stopping it from moving around when in use it is also extremely sturdy.

The cutting part is done quickly and easily by simply pulling down the lever. The cut is perfect and precise. You will be amazed at how many different dies sizzix has produced it really will cover every hobby passion or theme.

You can also adapt the sizzix machine to use additional templates called sizzlits. The converter is easy to install and easy to purchase giving you access to loads more dies that are available.

The sizzix machine can be expensive and the average cost is about $65 it is also heavy and quite a large tool however it is one you will use time and time again due to its versatility.

The dies that you can purchase for your sizzix machine can vary in size but they come in a neat little box that can be stored easily.

The sizzix machine can not only cut through paper and card it can also cut through rubber, felt, metal and many other materials.

The die you produce from your sizzix machine can be used for embellishments, toppers and may other things.

One of the most popular sizzix dies is the alphabet, although you may feel they are a big expenditure once you have purchased the die you will be able to cut any word you wish, this is perfect for scrap booking and card making.

Over all the sizzix machine is a versatile easy to use addition to any crafters tools the cutting is easy and the adapter means you really can create anything you want. Storage may be a problem but it is worth clearing out that cupboard for this stunning machine.

Having used a sizzix machine for a few years now I would strongly recommend that this is a great buy, something that will be used over and over again. It is also something you can use with your children, although it is wise to supervise as the blades in the dies themselves can be extremely sharp.

Vicki Churchill writes for a site that specializes in Card Making Ideas providing you with excellent tips and ideas for Scrap Booking and Sizzix Machines including where to find the best bargains

Are Sizzix Sizzlets being discontinued?

Some are, but not all. Their big sale is going on right now on their web site.

How I Store Sizzix Sizzlet Dies

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