Skull Stencil

10 years ago

Skull Stencil
Skull Stencil

good pictures for making Face painting stencils?

I need a website, which I will be allowed to use, to get some good pictures off so I can make some good stencils for face painting. They need to be bold and not very complicated as I will be copying them onto a peice of cardboard or plastic or whatever and I will be cutting them out. I will be face painting my sister with the stencils so they also need to be quite big. I’m not really interested in skulls and swords and stuff like that as it is for painting kids with.

PS. I will be copying the pictures off the website, right clicking over the picture and selecting copy, and then printing them off the computer, then I will use them themselves to make a stencil to cut the stencil out.

thanks for your time! oxo

Hope these are helpful:


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