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10 years ago

Soft Pastels
Soft Pastels

Trompe l’oeil with soft pastels?

Hi All,

I am creating a trompe l’oeil on a standard wall at home. At the moment I have just sketched out the drawing with a pencil. I’d like to colour it with soft pastels as I am better with pastels and pencils rather than with brushes.

The problem is that apparently there is no way to make pastels permanent, neither with a fixative, on a surface like a wall…. 🙁

Please I need advice… What would you suggest? I don’t know how to create shades and tones with acrylics…. What should I go for…

Thanks for your help!!


The REALITY is that you cannot do it in soft pastels. Just accept this.
You could do it with oil-based paint or enamel. Both dry slow enough that you will have time to blend edges, but otherwise, your best bet would be to have a poster made of your pastel painting, and just frame it and hang it.

Pastels on walls just don’t work.

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