Souvenir Patch

11 years ago

Souvenir Patch
Souvenir Patch

Everybody loves a good vacation with their family, and everybody loves to bring home a good souvenir. But nowadays, bed bugs are hitching a ride home in your luggage and on your clothing!

Bed bugs are tiny bugs that live by sucking the blood from human hosts. They get their name from the fact that they usually reside near beds in order to have extended and unrestricted access to their food source – you and your family!

However, the exponential increase in bed bugs in the past few decades has been attributed to these pests taking up residence not only in beds and mattresses, but on planes and in suitcases. Another problem is that of bedbug elimination. Once you’ve got those pesky critters in your house, it is time consuming to clear out your bedroom and eliminate them and bedbug extermination costs thousands of dollars on average!

Due to these dilemmas, the new craze in pest management has become pest prevention. Since bedbug infestations are on the rise due to increased world wide travel, an important facet of prevention must now be bed bug travel precautions.

Here are some prevention tips aimed at travelers returning home from travel of any sort. If you don’t bring these blood sucking creatures home to your family, you can save yourself many hours and thousands of dollars, so read this list carefully!

  • Pack all your clothing, clean or dirty, in bedbug proof luggage liners and laundry bags.
  • Before leaving your hotel, cruise or any other location, double check your suitcase, clothing and shoes for hitchhiking bedbugs.
  • If you spot any, make sure they are not on your person when you arrive home.(Not sure what they look like? You can see the resource box below.)
  • If you suspect you may have brought bedbugs home, it may be a good idea to unpack your family’s clothing before entering your home.
  • Doing laundry? Kill bed bugs by using an extreme heat cycle. Sources recommend using heat cycles of at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Last, but certainly not least, you and your family deserve a restful and secure sleep. Bedbug bedding encasements – including mattress covers, box spring encasements and pillow protectors – are your first (and hopefully last) line of defense against bed bugs in your bed.

With careful inspections and entomologist tested anti bedbug bedding encasements, you can save your family lots of hassle and ensure a secure and pleasant arrival home from any vacation. Everyone loves a good vacation with their family that is free of bites and inconveniences. With these simple travel tips, it can be! So be sure to return home to your family only with souvenirs that you can smile at, and sleep tight!

What does a bed bug look like?

More bed bug tips for travelers:

A SILLY SURVEY about SOUVENIRS — Do you collect them?

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or both, if you like. Do you collect souvenirs when you travel? If so, what kind? I’m a “pinhead” myself — I collect hatpins (see my latest at the blog). Others collect magnets (my husband), patches, thimbles, spoons, shotglasses. What do YOU collect on vacation?

I collect rocks from every significant place I go. I’ve got a red rock from the Grand Canyon, a grey rock from Las Vegas, and many more that remind me at a glance of special places I’ve been. The smaller ones I keep in my aquarium & the larger, in my back yard.

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