Spacer Bead

11 years ago

Spacer Bead
Spacer Bead

do you think this would be ok?

I am going to make a rosary… and I was wondering if they would sell crosses or crucifixes beads at a regular bead shop? Would they also sell center pieces as well, for the rosary?

If they don’t, would it be okay if I made a beaded cross for my rosary?

And do you think they would sell spacers?

And, would it be okay for me to use a larger, unique bead for a center piece if I can’t find a real one?

most craft stores sell all types of beads including some religious ones with crosses and such, but if not you try to find some online (:
they might sell spacers, but every store is different so just stop by one day and check to see what they have in stock
that would be fine. rosaries dont have to have anything specific on them to be rosaries, just as long as you have the smaller beads and the bigger beads and any type of centerpiece. whatever you do i bet will look great and it will definitely serve its purpose. i made one when i was in 8th grade and theyre really fun to make when you get creative with it. have fun!!

Beading Ideas – Leather ring using alloy spacer

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