Special Edition

11 years ago

Special Edition
Special Edition

Is the special edition of The Dark Knight worth the buy?

I’m planning to buy the DVD of The Dark Knight sometime this week, and I’m a fierce believer in special editions.

However, I looked at the special edition and I’m not sure there’s a lot on there that would convince me to buy that over the regular widescreen version. I’m a big fan of commentaries, deleted scenes, and just extras in general.

Should I buy the special edition? Or should I stick with the one-disc widescreen? I honestly just want opinions. Thanks!

absolutely. its not even my kind of movie, but my husband wanted to limited edition, and it has sooo many special features and a digital copy for your computer or ipod. its only $8 more, so id definitely say buy the limited edition.

Lunchtime w/ Smosh w/ Shay! (SPECIAL EDITION)

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