Spectrum System

11 years ago

Spectrum System
Spectrum System

Who owns a Polaroid spectra system camera that helps me?

I have a Polaroid spectra system camera by itself. And i don’t know what type of film do I need and if I need a charger or a control remote. Please let me know exactly what I need to make my camera to take pics!! And also where can I find what I need!! Thaks!!!

The film will be marked as Polaroid Spectra. The battery to run the camera is contained in the film cartridge, so you get a new battery every time you change that cartridge. I am not aware of a remote control for the Spectra, but that doesn’t mean there is not one available.

Finding that film is going to be the hard part. There are online stores that still sell it, but most local stores don’t stock it anymore.

Bet bet is Google, with “Spectra Film ” and the name of your hometown.

How spread spectrum RC systems can share the same part of the 2.4GHz band

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