Speedball Nibs

11 years ago

Speedball Nibs
Speedball Nibs

Do you guys like my drawing? (pics included)?

This is a drawing I have done in two colours of inks (blue and darker blue) with speedball pen nib…
I wish you like it. Here’s the link.

What do you feel about the drawing?
How does the ‘blue’ rose make you feel? (if it evokes any emotion at all)
Any improvements?

Please answer these questions because they are essential for my annotations.
I’m only 16 years old … (in case you’re wondering…)

For a 16 year old (I’m 17, turning 18 later this year), that’s pretty good! You definitely have skills.

Now, taking some ideas that I got from my AP class, I’ll try to apply it here…

First off, I feel you need some more contrast. There isn’t that many bits of white, it seems. That’s the main thing. Also, try to get some darker bits. You can emphasize things a lot better that way, and in this case, it can help define the folds/petals of the rose.

As for emotion, it almost gives a sense of coldness IMO – it’s hard to explain, really.

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