Staedtler Pigment

11 years ago

Staedtler Pigment
Staedtler Pigment

What kind of pens should I use for drawing?

I’ve been using TUL gel pens to draw lately, but I really want something that dries faster, wont smudge as much, and something a lot faster to draw with. I’d also like something that comes in different sizes so I can have the fine tips for details and the large tip for filling in. Someone suggested Staedtler Triplus Fine Liners for colors and Staedtler Pigment Liners in different sizes for the black. I checked their website and there was nowhere to order these. Anyone know where I can find them? Or any other types of pens I could use?
I draw darker “goth” stuff, almost Tim Burton-ish, so I have lots of dark, heavy lines, but also a lot of fine lines and details. I would also need colored ink.

Thanks for the help!!

Brush pens are great because the ink flows so smooth and easily. This is the kind I use:

Sketching pens are also great because they are created for sketching:

Gundam Dendrobium 1:144

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