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Stamp Flower
Stamp Flower

Despite of popularity of emails and other methods of communication, the importance of physical mail cannot be denied easily. People still prefer receiving a physical card rather than a link to see the wished of their loved ones on occasions like birthday. For sending physical mails you need to place postage stamps on the envelope. Stamps are of course not free and you need to pay to get them and place them for sending mail.

For common Postage stamp rates are obviously decided by government as it is the issuing authority. However, it may vary according to their historical importance, availability and other factors like mistakes in printing.

Let us start with postage stamp rates for their normal usage sending mails. The amounts of money you need to pay in order to dispatch your mail vary depending on the destination. As a rule of thumb farther the destination, more are the postage stamp rates. However for some destinations the rates are higher due to non-service in that particular area. For instance American postal services can give your drastically higher postage stamp rates if you are sending a parcel to Japan as compared to its neighbor country for instance China, Mongolia etc. Sometimes you may get special discount rates depending on a particular promotional scheme offered by the postal service. Generally they are same if you decide to buy them in bulk, but there may be variations in postage stamp rates, depending on country or particular postal company. Government keep on issuing stamps to pay tribute to particular personality for their services to the society or to embark a particular event, but the events and personality do not make difference in the rates.

You can consult your local post office or concerned department to know the rates for destination of your choice. The rates also vary on the weight of your packet or parcel, naturally heavier the packet, higher are the postage stamp rates. So for the same destination you need to pay different rates for a letter and different rates for a parcel containing your gift. The procedure is quite simple, once decided on the amount you need to pay, you can pay on any provided counter and stick them to your packet

Stamps are also a collector item and people collect stamps of different courtiers as hobby. For collection purpose the rates go higher if the stamp is quite old. the rates are very high if there is a printing mistake in the ticket.

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Who loves to write short stories?

I want to see how many creative minds there are out here in Yahooland. Choose two (or more) items from the list and write a short story about them. I’d like to see someone incorporate all of them, or as many as possible! hehe…

Stamp Collecting
Disney Movies
Board Games
Life in the 1800’s

Happy writing!

Once upon a time, back in the 1800s, there lived a talking dog. His favorite topic of conversation was wizards. However, in those days people didn’t believe in wizards. So the dog had to find something else to discuss. The dog thought about this problem awhile, then he had an idea. He decided to discuss other things instead, such as watching Disney movies and shopping on the Internet. This made the dog very popular. He became mayor of the town and everyone lived happily ever after.

Scallop Flower Card – Stamp With Lyn

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