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What happens if you put wrong stamp on a letter?

I am in PA and paying for an ebay item with a casheirs check. I put a 39 cent stamp on the envelope and put it in a US Postal drop box back at home. I put the return address as my college address, which is where i am now. If the 39 cent stamp is out of date (is it?) will they send it to my college address? It is extremly important that i get that check back if the stamp is wrong. If i could get some confirmation on this that would be great

If you’re short on postage, which you are, the package will usually get sent back to you at the return address (your college address) you listed on the package. However, it can take a little while for something like this to make it through the postal system, so don’t be concerned if it’s not returned to you right away.

Sometimes, they will try to have the receiver pay the additional postage. (I have seen this before, although I don’t believe it’s the norm.) If this happens, and they refuse, they’ll send the package back to you anyways.

Afterwards, buy a new set of stamps with the current rate of $0.42, and send a new envelope, or just attach two stamps of $0.39. Either would work.

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