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Stamp Retired
Stamp Retired

dont u think people who claim disability who dont seem disabled like welfare?

i know people that are living the relaxed life because both claim disability. they are not physically disabled, rather one claims “bipolar” yet they always seem very social, having parties, live in a 100k house, have 2 brand new vehicles, always active in the community always cleaning, doing their yard etc. they get taxes for half off, get medical for free and food stamps! yet they prance around thinking they are ‘all that” nobody knows they are on disability but we do – everyone thought he was “retired” and she was “retired” at the age of 35! it’s bogus. it seems like WELFARE. our tax dollars at work!

I see too many people that claim to be “disabled” that really are just lazy and dont want to work. I’ve seen people claim disability, then go out to the bars drinking and dancing! Its very sad that people are allowed to take advantage of it, and then some people who truly need it, dont get it. This is really a sore issue with me because I am dealing with SSA(disability) for my son.

I applied for disability for my son in November of 06. He has a very severe case of Perthes Disease. Blood flow to his hip joint was disrupted some how and the joint literally disintegrated. He now has a metal plate and 4 screws holding his ball joint into the socket joint of his hip. He is 11 years old and has arthritis in his hip, cant walk for long periods, cant run at all, needs help dressing, cant flex his leg, and will need at least 2 more surgeries.
My son was denied because according to SSA, “he can still do things other kids his age can do” This was after they sent me to a dr of their choice who saw my son for 8 minutes. Everything that 2 specialist’s told them about my sons condition was disregarded, what this Dr told them is what they based their findings on. I invited SSA to spend a day with a “typical” 11 yr old, then to spend the day with my son and see what he goes thru. They declined my offer. My sons case is currently under appeal.

BUT…you can claim to be Bi-polar and get benefits!! It is just another example of a program that needs a serious overhaul.

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