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11 years ago

Stamps Happen
Stamps Happen

I reported my landlord for medicaid/food stamps fraud… what will happen?

My Landlord who lives out of state has been using my address for social services. It took me a while to figure it out, but I was finally able to put it all together after a knock on the door yesterday from headstart asking for the landlords daughter (age 4). I kindly told them they dont live here and that it seems they have been using our address to get services. Now my landlord owns a business and makes good money but apparently did not claim that for social services.
The reason i reported my landlord is b/c I live here and I receive assistance LEGALLY and I didn’t want to be caught up in any thing he was pulling. So I called my worker and told her my suspicion and she pull up their account and sure enough there was activity going on.
What is going to happen to them now that social services knows that they illegally used the services while living out of state?
Phoenix, Glad you sit so high up on your pedastal that you can judge. One day you will pay for the sins of judgement.

I hope he gets busted.

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