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11 years ago

Stamps Happy
Stamps Happy

Interactive stamps?

I have to design a set of 6 stamps for the UK ( so needs some sort of British theme really ). The brief is to try and make them interactive and make teenagers and young adults want to start collecting them. I have many ideas but am still not fullt happy with any of them. I want something really unique.
Here are a few of my ideas
-Stamps that can have a section for the viewer to draw on them to make each one that little bit individual in some way, eg like a face shape and you have to draw in the eyes mouth and nose etc, or something on those lines.
-One that is like a fortune cookie and you can peel a section of the stamp off to reveal your future.
-One that shows and image and then if you use a magnify glass and you’ll be able to see a puzzle or maze or something for you to solve.
-Ones that are in the shapes of jigsaw pieces and when you collect the 6 and put them together it creates an image.
Some of these are ok but if you have any crazy random ideas please let me know 🙂

How about scratch and sniff?

Happy Father’s Day Card – Stamp With Lyn

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