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10 years ago

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Standard Snap

can i use Not Even Slinky strings for standard tuning?

i bought the Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky strings so i could play down tuned songs easier, but the problem is i also play some E standard songs aswell, would there be a problem if i wanted to tune my guitar back up to E standard? would it damage the neck or anything or would the strings snap?

if its any help i have an Epiphone Explorer

That’s probably not a good idea. I wouldn’t tune up to standard with strings like that, at least not for too long. The tension on the strings will be enormous (compared to a standard set with a .46 on the low E as opposed to a .56). It may very well strain the neck. I don’t go above Drop C# with thicker than a .52 on the low E. A .52 will handle Drop C rather well in my experience, I have reached Drop Bb with a .56.

I currently have a .60 and am tuned to drop G#…but that’s kind of ridiculous unless you’re playing “djent” (Periphery, Chimp Spanner, Animals as Leaders).

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