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Staple Free

Is it difficult to find gluten or wheat-free food products (for someone with Celiac Disease) in Europe?

North America seems fairly accommodating for those with a wheat or gluten allergy, but I am wondering if it will be difficult to travel in Europe- particularly places like Italy where pasta is such a dietary staple and part of the culture.

From what I understand, in the larger cities it is rather easy to get food. However, you may have to ask for some products at the pharmacy instead of it just being out in a store b/c of the health care laws there covering specialty foods.
I have found that there are many, many gf travel sites online, so I would recommend that you spend some time educating yourself. Personally, I used those and then contacted local celiac support groups in advance to find out where the best/safest places to eat, where to buy foods, etc. so when I finally got to my destination I already had specific stores and restaurants in mind (and addresses in hand). Good luck!
For example, go here for a Germany and Austrian travel:

Taking Apart a Staple-free Stapler

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