Stencil Olde

10 years ago

Stencil Olde
Stencil Olde

Where can i find llike old time letter stencils that i can print out??Free AND printable?

I need to have olde time letter for a project at school. We are making shields and need to have our initials on our shield. Pleez give me a website that i can go to for some FREE AND PRINTABLE letters. Remember, give me a good website and you will get chosen best answer!!

well i dont really see how you could get a nice stencil using regualar computer paper, and then you might have to cut them out.

i had to use some old time letters once for a project, and i found it easier to just open a word document, and make a very large letter in the font of my choice. you can use the outline thing to use less ink.

less hassle!

Old World Christmas Stencil Tutorial

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