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Stencil Template
Stencil Template

Prior to the invention of the car, pin striping was being used as ornamental decoration on horse drawn buggies, coaches and carriages.

However, the use of pinstripes to customize cars began to appear on them during the middle of the 1950’s. Even though it seems that pin striping had in fact been appearing on cars prior to this time and the last American car to appear with pin striping on it straight from the factory was made by General Motors towards the end of the 1930’s. For many people who own muscle or sports cars today, customizing their vehicle is as important as actually owning and showing the vehicle off and pin striping seems to add those final finishing touches.

Normally pinstripes appear on a car using two colours, the first is used to help set off the body colour and then the second thinner line is used in a contrasting colour to make sure that the stripe actually stands out.

Nowadays, mechanical pin striping is the best method for applying stripes to larger vehicles such as trucks, vans or station wagons (RV’s). This system ensures that the stripes being laid down are of a constant width and allows you to focus more of your attention on getting the stripe placed correctly on the vehicles surface. This can be done using magnetic pin striping strips with a central groove which is designed to be used as a paint template. They are specifically designed to hold fast on to any steel surface and can also be used a guide line for your hand when actually doing the work.

Another way of pin striping a vehicle is to use stencil tape. You will soon find that there are several kinds of stencil tape available which are suitable for using when carrying out pin striping on a car. However, with this method you will need to use brushes and the purchasing of a pin striping brush is essential if you want the project to be a success. The benefit of this method is that you are able to apply different colour stripes to your vehicle

without having to wait for the other stripes to dry.

The last method for pin striping is Freehand and this is certainly the most difficult and requires a lot of practice before it is mastered fully. However, it does allow the person carrying out the pin striping to have more freedom in relation to what they create on their vehicle. The best way any freehand pin striping newbie can do is lay a strip of masking tape about ¼ inch down from where the finished line will be and then use this as a visual guide when painting on your stripes. However, remember you should not use regular masking tape otherwise the pin striping paint will actually bleed under the edge you can purchase auto body masking tape from any reputable automobile supply shop/store.

At the end of the day it does not matter which method of pin striping you decide to use, just remember it is a great way of making your car look that little bit different from the rest. But it is like anything else, practice makes perfect and by having the best equipment as well to use will help also.

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Design your own tattoo?

I’m not a good artist by hand but I have some ideas for a tattoo I want to design for myself. Are there any websites where you can design your own tattoo with stencils or templates?

The way to go about this would be to get all sorts of reference material. Like pictures of tattoos for examples of techniques, colors, shading, etc. that you like. Even if you aren’t a good artist, come up with some sketches of what you want in the design. Then write out what you want with the best descriptions you can come up with. Then bring all of this in to a good custom artist who’s style you like, and the artist will be able to work with you to make your vision a reality.

And don’t be afraid to shop around for an artist. If the artist doesn’t seem to be on board with your design, find another one. With the number of excellent custom artists these days, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to get exactly the design you want. Good luck!

Spellbinders Die Templates: Stenciling & Inking

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