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11 years ago

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Is it legal for the dealership to increase the sale price above sticker price w/out your knowledge?

I recently purchased a 2006 Pathfinder from Douglas Nissan in Henderson, NV. It appears they charge me $5700 above the sticker price not including all the additional fees. I turned in a 2005 Altima but informed them I would keep the car to avoid any negative equity fees (lease). They confirmed it would be a wash and there would not be any fees related to my trade-in vehicle. I also took the base S model w/ the understanding they would add the side steps and it would be cheaper than obtain the SE model. I feel they were extremely dishonest and took advantage of me.

Sorry, but I don’t believe that your dealership has committed any crime. I understand how you feel and this will likely not be a popular answer to your dilemma but you probably saw the price before you signed the papers.

Dealers have only the responsibility to disclose all monetary charges to you prior to the closing of the sale. The relative pricing in other areas of the country is not part of the deal. The cost of transportation in NV is notorious for being several percent higher than the national average making deals like yours commonplace.

The only advise I would give you is to research the manufacturers suggested retail prices before closing a deal. You may have done better by driving out of state to purchase a vehicle. The pathfinder is a nice vehicle (I’m a Nissan fan) and other than the fact that your payment may be a little higher than it might have been, you probably got an average deal for your area.

If you feel that they have been dishonest then let the purchaser survey reflect that but I don’t think you have anything tangible to take to court.

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