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Stitch Picture

How do I get a copy of a picture?

I have just completed a cross stitch picture and framed it. It looks good (though I say it myself!) and would go perfectly in one of the rooms in my house. However, I have done this picture as a wedding gift for a friend. So, how can I get a copy of the picture to keep myself?? I’m looking for a way that means I don’t have to do the cross stitch all over again! Is it possible to get a photo taken of it and get a print that I could frame? Have you ever done this or do you know how it could be done?? Serious answers only please! Thanks.
Cross stitch is a kind of sewing that creates a picture. So what I have is fabric with a picture sewn on in cross stitches. It is in a picture frame, and is NOT a picture on a computer!!

I don’t have a scanner or a colour printer. Would a scanner give a clear picture?

My wife and I were going to sell some cross-stitch patterns that I had made up. When she had finished sewing them all we did was copy them using a scanner and print out the image with good quality photo printing software.
Many of the major copy and print places can do it for you, pronto print is one but there are loads around. Also the local internet cafe can help as well as the library.
Any other way I can help just ask

Dave B

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