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11 years ago

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Stitched Key

could my stitches be infected?

i am 15 and i just had key hole surgery and had my appendix removed, i am due to have my stitches out tomorrow, but one of them was really hurting and when i went to change the dressing i noticed it had opened… you can now see the stiches underneath my skin :S it was very painful and red, and now it is opened a bit more and also has gone all white around the edges with red around that… should i be worried that is opening?
what happens if when they take the stitches out tomorrow it opens more??
could it be infected??
pls help x

Clean it with peroxide and put a new dry sterile dressing on it. After he takes the stitches out apply some Vitamin E on it like you’re breaking in a baseball glove to get rid of the scar. Also get some silicone elastomer to apply on the scar to help make the scar go away.


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