Stone Gemstone

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Stone Gemstone
Stone Gemstone

Gemstones – The rarest minerals, crystalline rocks or petrified materials of nature. These are highly valuable for their beauty, rarity, durability, hardness and amazing colors. Mostly gemstones is used in jewelry produced with gold and sterling silver jewelry and really has become the soul of jewelry. Even in prehistoric times, people were attracted to pretty pebbles, and when combined with translucency or even transparency with color, they were highly prized. Some high quality of these stones known as precious gemstone like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds & rubies, LARIMAR is one of them.

COLOR is one of the most important and individual characteristic to gemstones. The color should be rich – not as light as to give the stone an anemic appearance, nor as deep as to make it look dark or even black, particularly in artificial light. Too dark color reduces transparency and stone’s lively look, which can be achieved by skillful cutting and faceting by making it a bit sparkle. The blending of the various colors or tints of the same color and the various designs and patterns produced as they are by nature, give such stone an individual appeal that makes each one unique.

Another character that makes a difference in the available gemstone is quality, a high luster. Larimar, amber and some other garnets have a resinous luster, while turquoise is sometimes described as “waxy”. Luster does not give a stone brilliance. In certain gemstones brilliance is produced by the skillful cutting of the stone’s facets in such a way that they reflect light like mirrors, making the whole stone bright and shining when viewed from the top.

These Gemstone characteristics distinguish them and their unique appearance from the entire available sets of other precious and rare minerals. There is, however, a most important attribute which gemstones should posses: permanence.

Some of the popular gemstones are:

a. Agate

b. Amber

c. Ametrine

d. Aquamarine

e. Black Onyx/Black Agate

f. Carnelian

g. Chrysoprase

h. Coral

i. Fluorite

j. Jasper

k. Labradorite Stone

l. Larimar Gemstone

m. Miscellaneous

n. Moonstone Bead

o. Obsidian

p. Orange Sunstone

q. Peridot Semi Precious Stone Bead

r. Pink Tourmaline, Watermelon Tourmaline or Green Tourmaline Bead

s. Red and Green Garnet Gem Stone Beads

t. Rose Quartz

u. Sodalite

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What is your favourite gemstone or semi-precious stone?

and why?

i love opals because i love all the colours and the way they change colours at different angles. and i also love haematite because it’s got almost the same colour as liquid mercury, and i love that dark, silvery grey colour.
Gmmmmm – yeah have seen true opals in australia – seen huge blocks of rock with opal in. and black opals (so beautiful) and aboriginal opals (i think) they’re really cool with different patterns on them. had never even heard of them before seeing them. so cool.


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